Alexandra Duncan

Science Fiction. Fantasy. Feminism.

You say Salvage and Sound are companion novels. What does that mean?

Salvage and Sound can be read either independently or together, because they are two separate stories set in the same universe, rather than the continuation of the same story. The main character of Sound is a secondary character in Salvage, and vice versa.

Do you have another book coming out?

Yes! My third book, tentatively titled Blight, is currently in my editor's hands. It is not connected to Salvage and Sound. Instead, it centers around a girl who is a border guard for one of the mega-corporations that have taken over control of the former United States.

Will you visit my school or library? If so, what are your rates?

I offer free visits to schools and libraries within a 30-minute drive of Asheville, NC, and free Skype sessions with any location. In-person visits outside of my local area are $200, plus the cost of travel and overnight accommodations, if necessary. Please send me a message via the Contact page for more information.

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